PPC Management

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most useful advertising strategies for any website, new or old. At RevampSoft Inc., our PPC management services are not only effective, but ensure a high ROI. Here is a closer look at PPC and how RevampSoft Inc. can help you maximize visibility, generate greater traffic and ensure a high ROI.

PPC 101

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is essentially advertising which helps generate more website traffic by showing your ads on search engine results.  To start, simply select keywords or phrases for your search, select the PPC fee (how much you pay every time the ad is clicked) and your daily budget. It really is that simple. The higher your daily budget and the larger the PPC fee, the higher the chance that your adverts appear higher on a results page.

Usually found at the top, right or sometimes the bottom, PPC is an effective means of advertising, if done right. At RevampSoft Inc., our PPC experts not only ensure a high click rate but effective and efficient budget management.

Thorough Research

At RevampSoft Inc., we never commence PPC management until we have conducted and collected a sufficiently large amount of relevant data. By doing so, we ensure we are able to target the right people at the right time and on the right websites. As such, we ensure a high ROI on your online marketing campaign.

PPC Management

Our PPC management service revolves around our research, fine tuning your PPC campaign in order to ensure the highest ROI. Our research and approach to PPC is what makes us truly different. RevampSoft Inc. experts factor in the types of ads, keyword usage and keyword competition to not only ensure maximum PPC effectiveness, but ensure your visitors stay for longer.

Our experts understand the industry and by understanding yours, they are able to filter negative keywords (misleading visitor phrases) and ensure only the right customer visit your site. Our PPC management services ensure that you truly get the best out of your advertising campaign.

No Minimum Contracts

To ensure high affordability, RevampSoft Inc. offers a “no minimum contract” policy. In other words, you are never bound to a contract based on a minimum number of ads, budget or time. In fact, at RevampSoft Inc., you only pay for the services you require, nothing more.

From one small page to your entire website.

RevampSoft Inc. can help your business reach more customers than ever, driving traffic generation and ensuring a high conversion rate.

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