Mobile Design

An overwhelming number of internet users possess a mobile device. Furthermore, a growing amount of internet traffic is being attributed to mobile traffic. At RevampSoft Inc., we know that mobile websites have become more important than ever. That is why we do mobile websites differently – better, smarter, faster, more affordable and measurably effective.

Never Downsized

Most mobile websites make use of downsizing; a technique that scales the main website down into a mobile format. While it creates a simple site, it rarely creates a noticeable impact. At RevampSoft Inc., we never downsize the main site. We ensure the creation of a dedicated mobile website that is both connected to the main site yet works independently.

Increasingly Responsive

By creating a dedicated mobile design, our mobile web developers ensure that your mobile site is responsive, able to adapt to more than 230+ screen resolutions and provide high performance browsing.

Simple to Redesign

Redesign to be simple. By providing a unique and responsive mobile design, we not only make redesigning simple, we can redesign your site to be simpler yet increasingly effective.

Visibly Unique

By creating a custom web design for your mobile website, RevampSoft Inc. ensures that your website is not only enhances your online presence but is truly one of a kind.

Always Affordable

RevampSoft Inc. caters to small, medium and large businesses alike. That is why we ensure that you not only acquire a unique, responsive, independent and optimized mobile website, we help you acquire it for less. This helps to reduce development, maintenance and redesign costs, promoting profit maximization.

For more information on mobile design or our other mobile services, feel free to call us. Our experts will always be available to answer any and all questions.

For the most functional, affordable and unique web designs, RevampSoft Inc. is the professional choice.

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